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Expanding Industrial Opportunities

Winona Area Industrial Growth

Over the past three decades, Winona and Goodview have consumed approximately 250 acres for industrial growth. The industrial base expansion for the area has solely been the result of new entrepreneurial startups and expansion of existing manufacturing within the area communities. Thousands of jobs have been created from the initiation and/or growth of companies such as Fastenal, Knitcraft, Wenonah Canoe, Behrens Manufacturing, CPI, RTP, Riverside Electronics, Minnesota Drafting and Design, Technigraph, Benchmark Electronics (formerly EMD Associates), Watlow (formerly Wayneco), TRW (formerly Lake Center), Wincraft, and more.

If we provide essential services and opportunities, future industrial growth can come from local entrepreneurs and growth of existing businesses. Services and opportunities include many things, most of which we have in abundance – excellent employees with excellent work ethics, strong education systems, banking, power grid, and transportation. We currently have one major shortcoming – industrial development space for Winona itself and industrial development plans for the Winona area.

WAIDA Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

In October 2000, WAIDA purchased 210 acres of farmland one mile west of Wilson, on County Road 12, using $300,000 from its treasury and $300,000 of debt with local banks which was paid off with contributions from Winona Area businesses and individuals. The farm has been christened “WAIDA Acres”.

The Executive Committee, to illustrate the value of a Corridor Master Plan for the I-90 corridor between US 43 South and US 43 North, has authorized the creation of a development plan for WAIDA Acres and two other properties in the immediate vicinity. The development plan will prepare possible land use concepts including a layout for roads, waters and sewers, and lots. Topography and drainage within the entire proposed development area will be necessary. Much of the information collected about the entire corridor can be used as part of a larger planning effort for a Corridor Master Plan. The initial development plan is meant to be primarily a tool for discussion with other entities and area landowners. 

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