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Winona Area Industrial Development Association

WAIDA Mission

To serve as a facilitator, catalyst, and communicator of activities that advance industrial development and economic growth in the Winona region. 

WAIDA Vision

To support the creation of industrial action that fosters entrepreneurial growth of existing and future industries, with the goal of providing economic opportunities and jobs for future generations in the Winona region via the following actions: 

  • • Assist in location of potential properties for industrial parks 

  • • Foster communications between business and government entities 

  • • Support entrepreneurial growth as a resource of business plan evaluation and financial options review 

WAIDA is a private corporation dedicated to broadening the industrial base of the Winona area. Formally known as the Winona Area Industrial Development Association, it was established in 1950 by community leaders focused on two goals:

1. attracting new industry to the area

2. helping existing firm to grow

The corporation holds an annual meeting each January with overall guidance of WAIDA being the responsibility of a board of directors. On-going business is in the hands of a six-person executive committee, assuring prompt acceptance and review of new or amended proposals.

WAIDA does not work alone. To avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and expense, WAIDA works closely with the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Winona’s Community Development Office and Port Authority, and officials of nearby cities in Winona County. Another vital working relationship is maintained with area financial institutions.

To advance the common commercial, mercantile, manufacturing, economic, and civic interest of the area by:

  • Rehabilitating and assisting manufacturing

  • Offering assistance in locating new firms

  • Offering assistance to existing firms

WAIDA Objectives

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